B2B Integration

Faster cycle times, lower operating costs and reduced risk

IBM B2B Integration addresses the collaboration challenges of a diverse B2B community with a full suite of integration capabilities. These solutions help automate multi-enterprise processes with full visibility, in a secure environment, ensuring data exchange in compliance with industry standards .

IBM offers B2B integration software in local, hybrid or cloud deployment models to fit the needs of each customer, and provide the most effective solution for your business.

  • Cloud Services B2B IBM Sterling:  to gain efficiency and effectiveness in business processes using Sterling Collaboration Network and accelerating the time of revenue generation with the cloud model.

  • Transformation engines and B2B gateways:  to modernize B2B functionalities while consolidating into a single B2B integration platform, eliminating the need to operate on separate platforms for EDI versus file transfer and integration models based on messages.

  • Financial operations:  with an integrated transaction processing engine that offers payment  processing virtually in real time, generating greater transparency, compliance and control of  risks.