IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

Reduces the time and complexity of securely integrating with your business partners in virtually any location

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network helps you reduce the time and complexity of integrating with your local and global business partners.
Use our expert services to on-board faster , automate electronic document interchange and manage your B2B operations —through a connection to more than 300,000 trading partners worldwide.

The secure and scalable solution can help you solve business-to-business challenges such as managed file transfer, language translations and connecting people, systems and technology

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network offers

  • Improved business agility. 
    Benefit from security-rich, flexible integration using any of our 300,000 value partners, or integrate your own. Manage your networks through public or private cloud environments. 

  • Better operational efficiency.
    Connect with partners and resources that can grow your business in key areas, while saving staff, time and money.

  • Increased business performance.
    Gain visibility into actionable information across key business and IT processes. Maintain access to processes throughout the solution lifecycle—from marketing and selling to order management.   

  • Secure data movement .
    Assure file delivery with visibility, control and governance for virtually all data movement including third-party FTP servers.

  • Two new service components for the product.

  1. IBM Sterling B2B Services - Integration Basic - Synchronous B2B Process Services

  2. IBM Sterling B2B Services - Integration Basic - Process Enrichment Service.

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