Partner Provisioner

Improve relationships with your partners

IBM PEM Partner Provisioner enables a sponsoring organization to establish and make partner relationships established, created through the Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) Portal, and stored in the PEM Partner Repository active.

IBM PEM Partner Provisioner communicates with a variety of back-end systems and is integrated with the IBM Sterling File Gateway.

Some features of IBM PEM Partner Provisioner:

  • Provides role-based permissions and access.

  • Provide a framework of activities that allows a company to use REST APIs to store partner information on Sponsor's back-end systems, as well as view the status of its activity.

IBM PEM integrates with the local IBM Sterling File Gateway product to form a solution.

With this solution, you can work with IBM PEM and the products of Sterling File Gateway to configure and use activities such as joining self-service partners. During the self-service incorporation, REST APIs are used to configure the membership information for the partners in your product installation Sterling File Gateway. Partners can also perform self-maintenance through this integration after joining to update their information when they need it.

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