IBM Gentran
Integration Suite

Designed to facilitate EDI exchange, it offers features related to mapping, document translation, archiving and tracking

IBM Gentran Integration Suite is one of the most used and secure EDI solutions in the industry, being tested daily in millions of business transactions. The product is designed to deal with the translation of files and messages, incoming and outgoing. 

Feature spotlights:

  • Easy-to-use mapping utility that allows you to establish mapping relationships, pointing and clicking, which translate into a saving of time, allowing you to translate documents without training.

  • Support for non-EDI formats ,  including complex XML documents, helping support a wide range of partner requirements.

  • A process control service  that helps control when, where and how documents are processed, based on your infrastructure and business requirements.

  • Document browsers, which provide clear visibility of where documents or transactions are being transmitted or stored.

  • Audit, tracking and archiving capabilities,  which will help you solve problems and quickly address customer questions and problems.

  • Communication service that offers the possibility to manage the operations of intensive use through distributed platforms, and that allows the communication through diverse protocols.

  • Store and forward mailboxing , providing centralized monitoring and gateway for all information flowing through IBM Sterling GenTran: Server, and aids to improve the security and reliability of document exchange. 

  • Configurable business rules and flexible scheduling documents help you avoid errors during file transmission.

  • Integration Tools, o link existing business data sources to EDI translation services.

  • Open architecture that allows you to take advantage of your investment over time.

  • IBM Gentran Integration Suite is available for IBM iSeries (AS / 400), zSeries (mainframe), UNIX and Windows.

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